Check Out iOttie’s Car Mount For The iPhone 8, 8 Plus & X

If you’re always out and about with your iPhone in your car, then there’s a high chance you might need a little extra protection for you and your device. So that’s why iOttie’s OneTouch car mount would be a great investment to put in your car, since it can easily hold and pivot your iPhone, without having to constantly hold it while you’re driving.

Not only is this car mount great for propping up your iPhone, but it’s also great for charging. It may not look like it, but the iOttie’s OneTouch mount features Qi wireless charging built inside of it, so it can boost up your iPhone’s battery while you’re on the road.

The car mount was also designed with an easy setup. Because all you have to do is just push it down once on your car’s dashboard, and it will automatically stay there thanks to its bottom adhesive that will stick to any rough or textured surface you put it on. And due to it having a telescopic arm and rotating capabilities, you can easily put it in landscape or portrait view, just by turning it sideways or straight up; to be able to see your device’s screen perfectly.

iOttie’s One Touch car mount is currently available at, and is selling for $53.74 for any iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X. For more details about this particular car mount, you can be sure to visit its main page for more information.

Source: T3, MobileFun