Perfect Your Skills On The Guitar With The Fender Play App

Learn how to play the guitar from experts, from the new app called Fender Play, that allows you to watch and practice through hundreds of video lessons/songs, that any player with any type of guitar can play.

The Fender Play app is completely friendly to people who are either a beginner, an expert, play the acoustic guitar or electric guitar, since it’s open to just about anyone looking to perfect their skills. And due to it being so open and broad, it also gives you the option of different music genres to pick from as well; that include rock, blues, country, pop or folk, as well as the ability to learn different techniques and positions to use when fingering.

Here are some of the key features the app comes with:

  • Comes with easy and hard lessons for anybody at any level
  • Has clear and accurate instructions for basic chords and skills
  • Features a contextual chord diagram and a glossary library for quick references
  • Comes with hundreds of popular song lessons that include musicians like Tim McGraw, Shawn Mendes, the Rolling Stones and more
  • Includes high-resolution videos with experts breaking down many tips and tricks on playing the guitar

So if you happen to be interested in the new Fender Play app, then you can always be sure to check it out over at the App Store, where you can download it for free for any iPhone or iPad with an iOS 9.0 or later.

Source: iMore, App Store