Padawanlab Launches A New Apple Watch Charger Called The “Totm+Travl”

Not too long ago, Padawanlab launched a new product on Kickstarter called the Totm+Travl, which is a small wooden charger for the Apple Watch, that was designed to be practical for everyday, stylish and great for traveling with.

The Totm+Travl is constructed with two parts; the top of it features a hidden compartment to hide your Apple Watch cable so it doesn’t stick out, as well as a USB port, a magnet, Bluetooth connectivity and a grommet near the bottom half of it, to be able to charge the Apple Watch. And then at the very bottom, it features one USB-C type connector in the back of it, so you can easily connect to your MacBook Pro when you need to re-charge the its built-in battery.

The company Padawanlab also designed it with carefully sanded wood from the French Jura Forest, and made sure they treated each Totm+Travl with a natural oil and wax, to bring out its beautiful grain. They also made sure that it was magnetic too, so when you go to put your watch on it, it will automatically latch around it and stick to the magnic the whole entire time while it’s charging.

Another worthy thing to mention about this particular charger, is that it’s also compatible with IFTTT and HomeKit support. Meaning you could use it for alerts, notes, battery status, security and lighting fixture within your home, since it’s able to connect to different voice assistants and applications on your iPhone, as well as other compatible devices/appliances.

Padawanlab is planning to launch the Totm+Travel somewhere in May of 2018, so if you would like to learn more about it or pre-order it, you can always be sure to check out its main page over at for more details.

Source: 9To5Mac