The Apple Store Now Offers SIM Free iPhone X Unlocked Model In The US

Apple has announced on its Apple Store website customers can now purchase a SIM-free iPhone X unlocked model without picking a carrier.

Customers purchasing an iPhone X in the United States can now buy a SIM-free iPhone X which is an unlocked model meaning the buyer does not have to pick a carrier.

The SIM-free iPhone X version will work with any carrier and will have full support for both the CDMA and the GSM networks. When the iPhone X first launched on October 27 for pre-orders, Apple only allowed buyers to buy from either AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile, or Verizon SIM. Also at the time when the device was launched, Apple required carrier pre-activation to make an iPhone X purchase, but now that requirement was stopped in mid-November.

Apple will soon allow its employees to purchase the iPhone X through the internal employee site at a discount. The shipping time for the SIM-free iPhone X model that is ordered today will be delivered by December 12th. It’s unclear how long the supply for the SIM-free device will be available, it’s best to inquire regarding the long-term status of its availability.