Enhance Your Photos With The New Afterlight 2 App

Afterlight 2 is the second version of the popular “Afterlight” editing app, that was highly known for its tools and settings to revamp your photos. But now, its newer app just got even better, and features a brand new design and effects to enhance your pictures even more.

This app lets you get as creative as you want, by allowing you to use a ton of hand-picked fonts, designs and tools, like drop shadows, unlimited color options, masking and non-destructive layering. It also gives you the ability to alter and adjust your lighting and coloring in your photos as well, by giving you the option to change the curves, the hue/saturation, tones and many other settings to change around the overall look of your photos.

But that’s not all the app gives you; you also have the ability to change your photos even more, by adding certain filters that Afterlight 2 already has within the app, as well as the ability to add your very own customized filters. This app also features a setting called “double exposure”, which is a unique blend of photos all together, to create a unique one-of-a-kind combination, that’s like no other available setting on the app or other apps.

The newly released Afterlight 2 is currently available at the App Store, where it’s selling for $2.99 for any iPhone that supports an iOS 9.0 or later. For more information about this particular app, you can be sure to click on the link for additional details.

Source: iPhoneArena, App Store