Check Out i-Blason’s New Running Armband For The iPhone X

If you’re always running, jogging or just working out in general, then you might know the struggle of trying to hold your iPhone in your hand or in your pocket when you’re exercising. So that’s why i-Blason’s new armband case would be perfect for if you’re constantly working out; since it keeps your iPhone safe and secure no matter how much you move.

The armband is basically made out of three parts; one part is made out of adjustable velcro that can fit and conform to just about any arm size. And then the second and third part consist of a case and a screen protector to protect it from any falls, dust or smudges. This way, you don’t have to worry about it not fitting your arm or breaking off when you’re working out, since it was designed to be flexible and durable.

But not only is it adjustable to any arm size and great for protecting your device when you’re out and about, it was also designed to be hand-washable and port-accessible. So if you ever wanted to wash it up after a workout, you can, or if you ever wanted to charge your iPhone or use certain ports/buttons while the case is still on, you can, due to it being multi-functional.

So if you happen to be interested in i-Blason’s new armband, or want to learn more about it, then you can check it out at its official website where it’s currently selling for just $14.00 for any iPhone X.

Source: i-Blason