Apple Soon To Open Its First Store In Vienna, Austria

An Austrian newspaper reported that Apple plans to open its first Apple Store in Vienna, Austria which is scheduled to open next month in January.

According to the derStandard newspaper, Apple is in its last phase of completing reconstruction on the first Apple Store in Vienna, Austria. The new store is located on the upmarket shopping street described as a “magnet for international brands,” where most of the top major retail stores can be found.

The report goes on to state that Apple has taken over the fashion company Esprit old location, which used to occupy three floors. Since taking procession of the spacious area, Apple began reconstruction on the site to make it resemble its other flagship stores, providing large glass windows, and metal facade work just to name a couple of the Apple Store trademarks.

The company stated it is looking forward to opening its first store in Vienna, Austria, and that Vienna is one of the most important cultural centers in Europe. Apple also stated it is hoping to build the team that will provide its customers with the services, training, and entertainment that customers look forward to receiving.

If all goes as scheduled the Vienna store should open its doors in January of 2018, but at this point, workers are still reconstructing the store for its upcoming grand opening.

Source: Appleinsider