Man Uses iPhone to Spy on Co-Workers

While the iPhone can obviously be used to do a lot of good, to text incessantly and to talk non-stop, it can also be used for nefarious means as well, which is exactly what happened at a Bestinvest investment agency in Chesterfield Gardens in the U.K.

Nigel Parsons, a portfolio manager at Bestinvest, perversely placed an iPhone in the shower stalls of the agency to record footage of female co-workers while nude. According to the Daily Mail, one of the female employees spotted the iPhone in the shower stall and looked over the footage, noticing that it contained video of her and other co-workers in the buff while showering.

Parsons was identified in one of the videos placing the camera in the stall.

Additionally, Parsons also partook in pedophile type photographs of young kids between four and 10.

The judge says it’s likely that Nigel Parsons will spend time in jail for his voyeuristic crimes.

  • t0rben

    Could have been any type of smartphone or hidden camera. Doesn’t really make it iPhone related.

    Let me guess, they discovered the phone ’cause it was ringing? :p

  • Cool kid

    Yeah could have been any phone. iPhone is the best!!