Apple Just Included A New Set Of Colors & Accessories To Their Website

A few days ago, Apple released a couple of new colors for the iPhone, and one new color to the iPad/Pencil case; that includes new shades like spicy orange, flash and cosmos blue along with their other existing colors, like black, midnight blue and more.

The company included one more color to their 10.5 inch Leather Sleeve case for the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil case, that now comes in the color pink fuchsia. They even added an another new accessory to their website, which is the Hermes band for the Apple Watch, called the Noir Swift Leather Double Tour Medor in 38mm.

And as mentioned up above, they added colors like orange, flash and blue to the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8 and 8 Plus silicon case; which were the same colors the iPhone X came in a few weeks ago. But now, the shades have branched out to the other older iPhone models that didn’t have the color options at first.

Apple of course is constantly releasing other new colors and accessories pretty often, but if you happen to be interested in this new bunch that was just released on their website, then you can be sure to check out all of the new additions at their official website.

Source: 9To5Mac, Apple