Apple Adds Hidden Easter Egg To The Apple Store App

Have you noticed something different about the Apple Store app? Well, Apple has added a cool holiday easter egg in the App Store and we’ll tell you how to find it.

Just in time for the holiday season, Apple has decided to add a fun effect to the Apple Store app for its iOS users. In order to find it, make sure you have the Apple Store app installed on your device by heading to the App Store and searching for the “Apple Store.” Once the device has installed the app,  open it up and tap the search icon on the main screen. Next, type in “Let it snow” and tap Search.

The screen should display a fun snow globe effect as you shop around for that perfect gift for a loved one. While it may put you in the holiday mood, the effect doesn’t last long. Once you close or kill the app, the snow flurries will stop. Of course, you can open the app and type in the phrase again for it to re-appear.