Apple New iPhone X Ad Highlights Face ID And Portrait Lighting

Apple has recently released three new commercial ads for the iPhone X, two of the ads features Face ID, and one introduces Portrait Lighting on the iPhone X.

The most recent ads released by Apple are promoting the iPhone X during the final days of the holiday shopping season. Each 15-second ad demonstrates a couple of highlighted features on the iPhone X. The first video ad titled “Open With A Glance” demonstrate regardless of the persons face shape, color or gender, the user’s face is his or her security password for entering into their own iPhone X.

The second 15-second video ad titled “Adapts To Your Face” demonstrates male model facial changes from without a beard to with a beard,and how Facial ID can still recognize the user even with facial changes to unlock the iPhone X.

The third 15-second video ad titled “Introducing Portrait Lighting” demonstrates briefly how the Portrait Lighting effect is studio quality, without the studio.

You can check out all the ads by watching them above.