Apple Has Just Released A New Black Lightning Cable

Anyone who buys the new iMac will get a pleasant surprise of a new Lightning cable, since Apple just included a new color addition to their typical white ones. Tech Youtuber Marques Brownlee got an early look at the new iMac Pro and posted his first impressions of the computer Tuesday morning, and noted that Apple included a black cable instead of their standard one.

Which is quite unusual, since Apple has never altered the color of its cables, headphones or adapters before, and have always been known to just do white, even if the device is black. And off course, Apple always allowed people to buy off-brand cables in black through brands like Amazon Basics or Belkin, but never through their own company.

However, there is one catch in getting the new Lightning cable, and that’s buying the new iMac. Because after all, Apple doesn’t sell their new black Lightning cable separately, and will only include it with the iMac Pro when purchased, which is $5,000. And the chances of that changing in the future is kind of low, unless you buy their black Lightning cable through a re-seller like eBay if you really want to have it.

So if you’re willing to purchase the new iMac Pro with its new Lightning cable, you can be sure to check out Apple’s official website where they just released it on December 14th; which as mentioned before, will be $5,000 as its starting price.

Source: Tech Insider, Apple