Relax & UnWind With The New SimpleNoise App For The iPhone & iPad

If you’re looking for an app that will help you relax, then you might be interested in the new SimpleNoise app, since it’s dedicated in just helping you to unwind and de-stress. This app features the highest quality of white, pink and brown noise samples, that have helped thousands of people of all age groups and professions, to relax, improve their overall mood and sleep better.

The benefits of color noise have been proven to help in many different clinics, schools, households and offices around the world; so taking a few minutes to sit back and listen to this app, might help after a long day of work, activities or anything else that might stress you out. Because after all, this app comes with a ton of different sounds and classical songs to sooth away any worries in your day, as well as a nice and easy intuitive layout, that’s not too hard on the eyes or to maneuver around.

Here are some of the key features the app comes with:

  • Comes with seamless multitasking and background audio when you exit the app
  • Features 16-bit / 44.1KHz CD quality samples of white, pink and brown noise
  • Has an oscillation toggle for a dynamic listening experience
  • Is scientifically proven to help with sleep, soothe migraines and melt away any stress
  • Comes with a sleep timer that will automatically close the app to conserve your phone’s battery life
  • Has a brightness overlay to adjust the screen display on the app

So if SimpleNoise seems like an app you could see yourself downloading and using, then you can always be sure to check it out over at the App Store, where it’s currently going for free for any iPhone or iPad with an iOS 8.0 or later.

Source: BGR