Apple TV Comes Back To Amazon


Amazon has recently resumed Apple TV after having the device removed two years ago from its online store. In addition, Apple TV user can now download the Amazon Prime Video app.

A recent report stated that Apple has resumed selling the Apple TV on Amazon, it seems the differences that caused the separation in 2015 have finally been resolved.

What appears as two companies having a conflict of business interest, has recently been resolved in each company coming to a mutual agreement in working together. Not only has Apple TV returned to Amazon, but also Google’s Chromecast. Amazon stopped selling these products to avoid confusion among its customers since the Chromecast and Apple TV didn’t support the Amazon Prime Video app.

Now it seems as if Amazon’s objective is to get its streaming video app onto Apple TV devices, and Apple’s objective seems to be to get its streaming media player back on Amazon’s online website again. As both parties continue to progress in this new business venture, stay tuned for further updates.

Source: Techcrunch