Fake Cuphead App Made Its Way On The App Store

On Monday morning, a fake version of the popular run-and-gun game Cuphead made its way on the App Store. 

The version of the app has what looks to be real game screenshots and lists the seller as Cuphead developer StudioMDHR. However, the support page links users to ‘studiomdhgames.com” rather than the company’s actual site “studiomdhr.com.” Even though the app seemed legit, people who download it said the animations were “primitive” and the touch controls were “a little off.”

You actually can play this version of Cuphead using touch controls, but it’s… a little off. The backgrounds look low-resolution, the animation is primitive. Some basic elements don’t seem adapted to a touchscreen: its menu screen still tells you to “push any button,” for instance.

Never heard of Cuphead before? Cuphead is an indie game that lets one or two players fight a series of bosses in order to repay debt. The game was released on September 29 this year for the Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

StudioMDHR sent out a tweet saying that they were working to remove the fake app from the App Store as soon as they could.

Fortunately, they were able to have the app removed before too many people were scammed. If you did purchase the app for $4.99, it’s best to contact Apple to request a refund.

Source: The Verge