Moment Released A New Wide Lens For The iPhone

Made from premium cinema grade glass and precise optics, the Moment’s new wide lens for the iPhone, is the perfect lens to really step up your picture and video quality.

Moment’s new wide lens is made out of a multi-element glass design, that provides edge-to-edge clarity. And unlike any other basic lens, this lens was designed with 5 layers of cinema quality glass, with handmade aerospace grade metal, to provide clear, crisp and captivating shots.

And due to it being a wide, landscape lens, you’re instantly going to see a huge difference of how much scenery and space you can capture with it. The wide lens of course has a wider, bigger lens and will provide double the amount of picture/video room, than if you compared it to a regular lens. Making it great for any type of landscape pictures, city shots or family group pictures.

The new wide lens is currently available for $99.99 at their official website, and comes with a lens cap and a microfiber bag when purchased. It also only works with a Moment battery case or photo case, which is sold separately at their official website, which sells anywhere from $29.99 through $99.99.