Get Detailed Forecast & Alerts With The Dark Sky App

Dark Sky is a weather app for the iPhone and iPad, that can tell you exactly when it will snow, thunderstorm, rain, etc, up to an hour in advance. It gives you constant alerts, updates and of course the forecast for each day of the week, to keep you prepared for whenever you go out.

Not only is the Dark Sky app a great app to see any of the weather predictions, it’s also really easy to use and maneuver around. Its layout is very unique but at the same time very easy to understand. Matter a fact, the same technology that powers Dark Sky predictions, is actually the same technology that was used to make the world’s first radar animation, which goes to show how much time they put into showing you storm patterns and movements within the app.

This app of course will automatically alert you when there’s any type of drastic changes in the weather or storms brewing as well. However, you also have the ability to even add your very own custom notifications, that will alert you on any specific condition or element you want to know about in the next 24 hours. So if you want to only get notified about flooding, winds or the temperature, it will give you an alert on those exact things you want to know about; to keep you updated and alerted.

The new Dark Sky Weather app is currently available at the App Store for $3.99, for any iOS device that runs an iOS 8.0 or later. For more information about this particular app, you can be sure to check out the above link for additional details.

Source: App Store