Sales Ban Against Some Samsung Product in Netherlands

Apple has won again, after a Dutch court has banned sales of Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy products that infringe on Apple’s patent for scrolling through photo gallery.

This ban only applies to Galaxy products running Android 2.2.1 and higher. It also doesn’t affect any products that use Samsung’s proprietary photo gallery software. Samsung had already lost a case over the same patent after preliminary proceedings last year. That caused a sales ban on the Galaxy S, SII and Ace. Samsung has since adjusted its photo gallery software and said they stopped developing infringing products at the end of August 2011.

The Court ruled that Samsung hasn’t presented any evidence of the change and the company refused to sign a declaration of abstinence committing to not infringing the patent. Samsung has been ordered to tell Apple how much they’ve made off of infringing products since June 27, 2011. A separate court procedure will figure out how much of that has to be paid to Apple. A further penalty of 100,00 euros ($129,000) must be paid per day it violates the ban.