Check Out Avido’s New Dual Charger For The iPhone 8-X

The innovative tech brand, Avido, has revealed a new wireless power bank dock, called the WiBa, which is a dual Qi-compatible charger for the iPhone 8-X, that can not only charge your device, but itself as well.

To help keep your iPhone in the right position when charging, Avido designed it where the power bank includes two slim metal plates, that are colored black and white, that can be attached to the back of your iPhone. And once they’re affixed, the plates will attach to the power bank using magnets, to help prevent your device from slipping or sliding during the charging process.

The WiBa also includes LED lights to let you know when it’s finished powering up your iPhone, an additional USB port and then a quick charge-enabled AC adapter. And, it also comes with a rechargeable portable unit that you can put on top of it, which is basically just another back-up wireless charger for your iPhone, for whenever you’re out and about.

Avido plans to ship the WiBa dual wireless charger this February, for $99.95 at their official website. But until then, Avido will first show off the accessory at the Consumer Electronics Show on January 9th through the 12th, where they will talk more about its specs and design for future buyers.

Source: AppleInsider, Avido