Gazelle Doesn’t Accept Stolen iPhones

If you stole an iPhone from some hapless victim and you’re intent on making a quick buck by selling it on Gazelle, think again. The company has publicly come forward to acknowledge that they will not accept stolen goods, nor will they be sending money to users who trade in stolen goods.

If you stole an iPhone and decided to make some quick cash on the trading site, Gazelle, the company will be checking the phone against a database to see if it has been registered as stolen.

According to Gigaom, the site received word from both Gazelle and Gazelle’s new partner Checkmend, which will be running scans and checks to ensure that people who registered their iPhone as stolen will be able to get them back and thieves will walk away empty handed.

Gazelle’s CMO Sarah Welch stated that…

“The vast majority of trade-ins we get are completely legitimate,”… “Mostly it’s people looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest iPhone. So we believe it’s a very small issue but at the same time we do not want to be a party to creating incentives for anyone to steal those products.”

Well that’s good news for people who may have had their iPhone stolen and the thief uses Gazelle to try to sell it…the user just might get their iPhone back and the thief caught.