iOttie Showcased A New Charger For The iPhone X At The CES Event

iOttie just introduced a few new chargers at the CES event just recently, and one of them was a fast, small portable charger called the iON, for the iPhone X and the Galaxy S8.

The charger is a Qi charger, that supports 10W output, a USB-C, a USB type A, and comes in four different colors, that ranges from teal, blue, red and white fabric. The iON charger also comes with a little silicone ring that helps keep your device from sliding off of it when charging, to make sure it stays nice and put when it’s powering up your device.

And as noted earlier, iOttie released other devices at the CES event also, like their wireless fast charging stand. The charging stand is quite similar in style to the iON charger, except it tilts the phone upward at a 65-degree angle when charging. The only thing though about it, is that it doesn’t come with the extra USB type-A port, which might be a bummer for anyone who would like to charge with an extra device.

So if you’re thinking about purchasing iOttie’s new devices they released at CES, it’s likely you’ll have to wait, since they didn’t give any release dates or prices on them just yet. So you may have to wait a few months before they officially release them on their website, to be able to purchase them.

Source and photo: The Verge