WTFJeans Made Specifically For iPhone 5

A new set of jeans have been made specifically for Apple’s latest mobile handset the iPhone 5. The name of the jeans is called the WTFJeans.

According to Time’s Techland, this snazzy pair of jeans that have a special pocket designed specifically for the iPhone 5 and a second hidden pocket for a USB adapter will run you a not-so-cheap $159.99.

According to the product’s description they are also designed for the stick and tether balls…

All of us who spend more than 12 hours in front of a computer are very familiar with the uncomfortable situation with the family jewels if we are sitting in an uncomfortable pair of pants. For all of geeks out there with same problem, we have designed this special, family jewels fitting model.

You can grab a pair of the jeans right now and keep your iPhone 5, pebbles and USB stick in a comfortable place.