Apple’s New China iCloud Data Center Will Start Services Feb. 28th

Apple announced it will relocate its Chinese customers iCloud data services from the United States to mainland China starting February 28th.

The latest report states that Apple’s iCloud data services in mainland China will be operated and managed by a firm named Guizhou on the Cloud Big Data (GCBD), which is owned by Guizhou provincial government in southern China. The change occurred in order for Apple to comply with the local Chinese government cloud computing regulations which was introduced in June 2017.

The cloud computing regulation law requires foreigners who have businesses in China to store data within the country of China, which has not only affected Apple, but Microsoft, Amazon and any other tech companies that operate in China.

Apple is in the process of emailing users that will be affected by this change, customers that live in mainland China and do not wish to use iCloud operated by GCBD will have the option to terminate their account. Apple is also hoping that this new venture with GCBD will bring improvement in speed and reliability of iCloud services product. The switch over is supposed to happen automatically on February 28th.

Source: 9to5mac