Plant iPhone Case

This is the Plant iPhone Case by Agathecase. This iPhone case goes for 8.00-20.00 and has this to offer for those who might be interested in purchasing this case:


Stylish protective clear case from Agathe.

This protective iPhone case is made of high quality TPU and solid plastic materials with a non-slip grip.

Extreme rugged protection with reinforced corners protect your iPhone from high-velocity impacts and scratches. (as shown in last picture)

Air cushion design on sides provides shock absorption and maximum protection for your iPhone.

Black ring design around the camera prevent the image distortion from taking photos with flash.

The thick case option (around 3mm thickness) is just like the samples in the listing photos which provides great protection.
The slim case is a 1mm thickness case which is much slimmer but only provide standard protection and without the camera black ring design.

The most protective and sturdy case you could find on

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