New iPhone App Helps Find Black-Owned Businesses

Two companies, Around the Way and Clearly Innovative, have launched a new iPhone app called Around the Way. It helps users find black-owned businesses in America.

According to High Brow Magazine, Eric Hamilton, chief marketing officer and co-founder of Around The Way, commented about the new app, saying…

“Other ethnic groups have been supporting their own businesses literally for thousands of years,”…”Around The Way is our attempt at doing what other ethnic and racial groups have been doing for a long time.”

Given that America is known for being racist, it will be interesting to see how the app is received, especially since you can view thousands of different black-owned businesses across all 50 states.

According to a company official…

“This newly available mobile application allows users to find the closest black-owned business in their vicinity with colorful maps and pinned locations,” … “Users can choose from nine different categories of businesses to locate.”

You can grab Around the Way app right now for your iPhone from the Apple app store.