Apple Can’t Keep Up With Battery Replacement Demands

Apparently, everyone wants to take advantage of Apple’s $29 iPhone battery replacement, which has caused Apple to struggle to keep up with the high demands.

Since Apple introduced the new lower battery replacement price, many Apple Stores are unable to keep up with the large amount of customers requesting to have their batteries replaced. Because many stores don’t have the batteries in stock, Apple has to order them which could take days or weeks before getting them in stock.

At some Apple Stores, customers have to wait hours before seeing a “Genius” due to the high demand. Apple even set up a special area in the store to help customers replace their batteries.

Here’s a portion of what Apple Store employees told Business Insider:

“I would say less than 10% of the phones we have ordered batteries for actually need a battery, based on diagnostics,” a Genius at a Midwestern Apple store told Business Insider. 

“I feel bad for the people that actually need batteries and have to wait because people think that Apple is having a ‘sale’ on batteries,” the staffer continued. 

Why are so many people replacing their batteries? Last month, news broke that users who upgraded their devices that had older batteries to a newer iOS noticed that their iPhone’s performance would slow down due to a safety feature. Since Apple didn’t properly inform its users about this safety feature, the company apologized to its customers by lowering the cost of the battery replacement from $79 to $29 to anyone with an iPhone. Since Apple isn’t turning way any customer with an old battery, people are flocking to Apple Stores to have their battery replaced rather than purchasing a newer model, which could hurt Apple sales.

“Wall Street is already worrying that the battery replacement program could stop consumers from buying new phones. Barclays analysts estimated that if 10% of iPhone users eligible for a battery replacement opted for a new battery over a new iPhone, Apple could sell 16 million fewer iPhones this year, potentially costing the company over $10 billion in lost sales.”

If you have an older iPhone battery, here’s what you need to know. It will take a week or so before iPhone owners can have their battery replaced depending on the model. iPhone 6 Plus owners will have to wait until March or April and iPhone 6 and 6S Plus owners will have to wait two weeks. Apple did warn customers in a statement that “initial supplies of some replacement batteries may be limited.” Before heading to your local Apple Store, it’s best to call ahead.

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