Incipio & Baron Von Fancy Has Just Launched A New Lineup Of Cases

Incipio has just collaborated with the famous New York artist, Baron Von Fancy, to make 5 new clear cases on their website. The cases are clear, simple and display the Apple logo, but have very bold writings that say “Don’t call me I’ll call you”, “Textually active”, “Let’s play it by ear”, “do you hear how insane you sound” and “I can’t make any promises” for the iPhone 6-X.

Baron Von Fancy is widely known for his mischievous and witty phrases, that are normally playful, poetic and sometimes provocative; so these new lineup of cases are no surprise. They come with all his signature classic 50’s and 60’s hand painted writing with the lines at the bottom, just like his popular New York sign in Canal and West Broadway, that states “If you’re feeling down, I can feel you up”.

But not only does this case have very unique sayings on it, it also comes with protection too. Incipio made sure to design it with a shock absorbing TPU material, a raised bezel and a scratch resistant coating. This way, you could sport a quirky, statement case yet also never have to worry about your iPhone getting scratched or breaking when using it.

So if you happen to be interested in Incipio and Baron Von Fancy’s new line up of cases they just released, then you can always be sure to head on over to Incipio’s official website, where they’re currently selling them for $29.99.

Source: Mashable, Incipio

  • Paladin

    Iphone 6 X? I guess I missed that one.

    • iPhone informer

      Hmmm… I’m sure in the article it says “6-X”. Meaning the case is for the iPhone 6 through iPhone X.