Check Out Ten One Designs New Mountie+ For The Macbook Pro

Pictures are from MacRumors

Ten One Designs new Mountie+ is an updated version to their existing Mountie for the Macbook Pro that they came out with a few years ago. It’s basically a little clip-on to your laptop, so you can attach another device to it like your iPhone or iPad, while you work on your computer.

The clamp works by using different sized soft pieces of grippy rubber to grasp the display of the Macbook Pro and the other device it’s holding, so you can get the perfect view of both devices. The grip is super tight and fitted too, so once you assemble everything together, it will ensure everything stays put, without constantly slipping or sliding all over the place.

Another worthy thing to note, is that it also works as a charger as well. So while you’re typing on your Macbook, you can charge and view the other device you attached to the Mountie+, so you can multi-task and power up your iPhone or iPad with ease. It also comes with a cord pass-through, which is basically where it puts its charging cord in the back of both of your laptop and the device attached to the Mountie+, so it won’t get in the way of the device’s screen or get tangled up when you’re using them.

The new Mountie+ is currently going for $34.95 at Ten One Designs official website, for any Macbook Pro, laptop, iPhone or 5.0mm-9.0mm iPad. So if you would like to purchase or learn more information about it, then you can always be sure to click on the link up above for more details.

Source: MacRumors, Ten One Designs