iPhone 5 Supply Stabilizes in Stores for U.S.

With December right upon us, the iPhone 5 is now easily available in the U.S. at Apple’s brick and mortar locations.

While the Apple online store may still have a one-week waiting period, a Piper Jaffray analyst did a poll that says that Apple’s physical stores have iPhone 5s readily available. They did a poll of 20 U.S. Apple Stores and found them stocked.

“We believe the iPhone 5 has finally reach a point where consumers ca walk into an Apple store and walk out with a phone,” Gene Munster, the analyst who did the poll, said.

He noted that all 20 stores polled showed the Verizon model were available. This has been the phone most constrained out of the three major U.S. carriers. Now Verizon, AT&T and Sprint are all showing consistent 90%+ availability.

Munster further maintained his estimate that the iPhone would ship 45 illion untis in the fourth quarter. He also notes that the upside may be minimal as supply is only now meeting demand.