Boy Sells His Kidney to Buy iPhone

An 18-year-old student named Wang Shangkun who lives in a poor part of China sold one of his kidneys to an illegal human organ trafficking organization and bought an iPhone and iPad with the money.

Human organ trafficking is nothing new and happens to a lot of poor people and illegal immigrants since most Governments don’t value their lives. Shangkun went online and met with the traffickers and decided to give up one of his kidneys for $3,350. He went through with the operation where his kidney sold 10 times that amount and netted surgeon Song Zhongyu, and middleman He Wei an impressive $50,000 each on the black market, according to the Herald Son.

The traffickers were caught because Shangkun suffered renal failure and his mother contacted the authorities. A total of nine people were arrested and according to the Chinese authorities, more than 137 people have been caught in collaboration with running an illegal human organ trafficking operation, which is especially big in China.