Apple’s iPhone, iPad And Mac Products Are Growing Fast In India

Apple’s Q1 in 2018 seemed to have scored fairly well with financial sales in India,  with the iPhone being the biggest market drive, the Mac and iPad had steady record pace as well.

Luca Maestri, Apple’s chief financial officer believes India is one of the prominent markets for Mac devices, the company sold 5.1 million Macs in the December quarter alone. Reports state that these products sales are growing at a faster pace than the global average since the company expanded its distribution sales in India.

The iPhone is of course the main product that consumers in India gravitate toward the most in Apple products. The iPhone has brought the company to 77.3 million unit in sales, despite this number, it is lower than Apple’s Q1 2017 unit sales of 78.3 million.

With the iPhone, iPad, and Mac sales increasing,  Apple has hired senior executives to lead policy and HR in India, it seems the Mac sales have increased by 2% globally between October through December of 2017, with strong revenue earning centering from counties in Latin America, India, Turkey, and Central and Eastern Europe.

According to Maestri, the iPad has surpassed marginal sales and has sold 13.2 million units of iPads with average sales per week increasing by 8% since last year’s December quarter. iPad and Mac products have grown at a record pace, in fact, in Latin America, the Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe, and India has shown the strongest in sales by proving double-digit in market numbers.

Source: Gadgetsnow, Economictimes