“Apple Heart Survey” Starts Up Using Data From Participants Apple Watches

Apple and Stanford Health has recently started compiling its data from Apple Watch users who opted in to participant in the company’s recent heart study survey.

The Apple Heart Survey started late 2017, Apple solicited Apple Watch users who would like to participant in the company’s heart study by using their Apple Watch as a monitor to collect data. Apple Watch users who opted in are now being notified that the study is currently underway.

The requirements to participant in the study required that users of course must have an Apple Watch, the ability to communicate in English, and the users could not have pre-existing heart conditions like atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter, or taking prescription anticoagulant medications. Those who were selected, Apple emailed the required consent document and HIPAA rights and regulations.

Apple plans to use the data from the study to develop new product technologies, and part of the study will be used for new investigational device, as well as for FDA submission for approval to market Apple Watch as a wearable medical device.

Source: Appleinsider