Counterfeiters Selling Fake iPhones And iPads In US Plead Guilty

A counterfeit operation that lasted up to five years selling over $1 million in fake iPhones and iPads in the US has been prosecuted by the Justice Department.

Jianhua “Jeff” Li and several others, with the possibility of many more involved, have pleaded guilty to taking part in a large counterfeit operation out of China that involved smuggling and distributing fake iPhones and iPads in the United States.

The court documents states that Jeff Li was living in the United States on a student visa while distributing the fake devices through his company known as Dream Digitals. It also seems Mr Li assisted in smuggling fake Apple trademark labels and packaging. Documents state the operation had been going on since 2009, with over 40,000 electronics devices and accessories, mainly iPhones and iPads, being smuggled and distributed throughout the United States. It seems the transaction accounts were first deposited in Florida and New Jersey, and then transferred to Italy, and from there distributed to other sources.

Documents state that for his services, Li received over $1.1 million in payment which was deposited directly into his bank accounts. The operation involved several others, at this point one by the name of Rosario LaMarca has been sentenced 37 months in prison, and two more are awaiting sentencing. The report states that Jeff Li sentencing is set for May 30th.

Source: 9to5mac, The Verge