New Study Shows The Apple Watch Is Able To Detect Early Stages Of Diabetes

The Apple Watch is more than a device that can display the time. Apple’s goal has been to turn the Apple Watch into a health device to help users live their best lives possible, and a new study proves that the Apple Watch is doing just that.

A new study was released that shows the Apple Watch is able to detect early signs of diabetes. The company Cardiogram created an app that is able to break down the heart rate data collected by the Apple Watch. Both the app and the device are able to let users know the signs of diabetes since the pancreas is connected to the heart through the nervous system. When a user is experiencing diabetes  symptoms, the heart variability begins to change.

According to the research both Cardiogram and the University of California conducted, they were able to use the Cariogram DeepHeart neural network to find that heart rate data collected from Apple’s wearable was 85 percent accurate at differentiating people with diabetes and people without diabetes. The study used data from 14,000 Apple Watch users and showed that 462 of the participates had diabetes.

“Typical deep learning algorithms are data-hungry, requiring millions of labeled examples, but in medical, each label represents a human life at risk – for example, a person who recently suffered a heart attack or experienced an abnormal heart rhythm,” said Cardiogram co-founder Johnson Hsieh. “To solve this challenge, researchers applied two semi-supervised deep learning techniques (‘unsupervised sequence pretraining’ and ‘weakly-supervised heuristic pretraining’) which made use of both labeled and unlabeled heart rate data to improve accuracy.”

This isn’t the only health related study the Apple Watch has been involved in, there have been previous studies that the Apple Watch’s sensory is able to detect other conditions like hypertension, sleep apnea, and atrial fibrillation. Apple even teamed up with Stanford to undergo a study on the Apple Watch detecting irregular heart beats.

We can only expect more research on the Apple Watch to be released in the future. Even though the device has been making a change in the medical world, Apple is hoping to make the impact bigger.

Source: MacRumors

  • Paladin

    So are they actually monitoring the diabetes feature for current users or is still in the testing stage?