Former Apple Executive: Fired iOS Chief “Got What He Deserved”

In an interview with the BBC, former Apple executive pulled no punches in his candid assessment of Scott Forstall’s firing.

Tony Fadell is known at the “grandfather of the iPod” and still works with Apple from his new startup Nest. He also seems well acquainted with the Cupertino’s company’s culture and mood.

In response to a question regarding the circumstances of Fadell’s own departure from Apple, something Businessweek in 2011 suggestion may have been because of the “explosive” climate in the constant power struggle between him and Forstall, he had this to say: Scott got what he deserved. I think what happened just a few weeks back was deserved and justified and it happened.”

Fadell sees the ousting as something of a blessing, hinting that Forstall was causing an imbalance with the executive team’s dynamic.

If you read some of the reports, people were cheering in Cupertino when the event happened. So, I think Apple is in a great space, it has great products and there are amazing people at the company, and those people actually have a chance to have a firm footing now and continue he legacy Steve left.

Other reports suggest that Forstall’s refusal to take responsibility for Mapgate was the reason for his firing.