Apple Will Repair The HomePod Cable For $29 In Some Instances


9to5Mac recently reported that an Apple internal memo to its employees stated that in some instances Apple will make repairs on the HomePod’s built-in cable. 

Apple recently sent an internal memo to its Apple retail store employees and to authorized service providers regarding performing repairs on the HomePod non-removable cable if it has been damaged or detached. According to 9to5Mac, the memo describes damaged or detached cables for HomePods as something the company looks at as a “rare instance” but in case it does happen a company policy is in place to perform repairs at a cost.

Apple has provided documentation to diagnose the issue for repair, the device must pass Apple’s usual Mechanical Inspection screening to make sure the HomePod is in working condition when it’s brought in, and has not been tapered with before hand. To qualify for the $29 repair, the screening will include the employee looking for obvious user-inflicted physical damage to the HomePod outer base as well as the interior power cord connector, this would also cover under checking the cord for liquid damage as well.

If the HomePod meets all the criteria for being repaired under the $29 cost, Apple will have the device sent to an Apple local repair center. AppleCare+ does not cover cable repairs, noting dents, deformation, markings, and yellowing and stains from normal wear and tear. Eligible customers will pay the $29 US fee, $39 AUD in Australia, which includes GST, and $25 GBP in UK, which includes VAT.

Source: 9to5Mac



  • Maple Holistics

    The product should have used a removable lightning cable.