Apple HomePod Vs Amazon Echo Vs Google Home, Which One Is Better?

Apple unveiled the HomePod during its 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference last summer and said that it would “reinvent home music.” Now that the device is officially released, we can see how well Apple’s smart speaker stacks up to its competitors.

Personal Assistants

Starting off with the personal assistants, HomePod offers Siri, Echo offers Alexa, and Google Home offers Google Assistant. All three assistants can perform a variety of tasks such as playing a requested song or playlist, giving weather and traffic updates, requesting an uber, ordering a pizza, and making phone calls. However, some assistants are able to perform certain tasks better than others. Google Assistant uses Google search expertise so it can answer a wide range of questions thanks to Google’s Knowledge graph. Google Home also remembers the user’s preferences once the user logs into his or her Google account, which means the user can access his or her music, playlists, and control all the same smart home devices from Google Home.

Alexa is a little more flexible than Google Home when it comes to pairing devices, which means it’s able to perform more actions than Google Home.

Even though Siri was one of the first personal assistants, it’s currently behind in performing tasks compared to the other two devices. However, users will still be able to get work done using Siri on the HomePod and people expect Siri to get better as time goes on.

Voice Recognition

When it comes to voice recognition and answering questions, Google Home is the winner. The little device is able to answer all kinds of questions, but Amazon can still pull up information and recognize the user’s voice with ease. Even though Apple’s HomePod isn’t terrible in recognizing voices, it seems to be lagging behind in this area in comparison to its competition.


Some people may think that Apple is unable to compete with Amazon’s Echo and Google Home, but there’s one avenue that Apple dominates in. Apple packed the HomePod with six speakers which means that the music playback capabilities is better than Echo and Home.


As for pricing, Amazon’s Echo is the least expensive with its $99 price tag, then Google’s Home which goes for $130 and Apple’s HomePod is the most expensive with a price tag of $349.


Which device should you choose? If you have a lot of Android devices, then Google Home will probably be the best choice. If you’re an Apple fan and want something with incredible sound, Apple’s HomePod is the winner, but if you want a device that is affordable and can perform numerous actions, Amazon Echo is worth checking out.