Apple Releases Emotional Short Film To Celebrate The Chinese New Year

China will celebrate its new year this Friday and to celebrate the new year Apple has released an emotional short film to remind its viewers to cherish the moments they have with their loved ones.

The 7-minute short film titled “3 Minutes” was filmed by the acclaimed Chinese filmmaker Peter Chan. The film is based on a true-story of a female conductor on one of the longest train routes in the country. The woman hasn’t been able to spend the new year holiday with her son for years, but this time, her sister brings him to one of the train stops so that the woman can see her son.

The mother and son only have three minutes to spend together before the train moves on to the next stop. They try to make the most of the time they have together but it’s not enough.

According to Adweek, Apple chose Chan to direct the short film due to his ability to tell “powerful, emotional stories” on film.

“As one of the most famous feature film directors in China, he had only made movies for the big screen, never for the Internet,” said Apple’s vice president of marking communications Tori Myhren. “We discussed the need for compressed storytelling, but left it open for Peter to determine the appropriate length that enabled the viewer to get to know the characters and tell the most compelling story.”

While the story of this short film is moving, the fact that it was filmed on the iPhone X makes it even more impressive. If you’re interested in watching Apple’s latest video,  you can do so by watching it above.