Mercenary Ops Now Available For iOS

YingPei Games’ new shooter, Mercenary Ops, has officially launched for the iOS bringing all the rich graphical goodness of the Unreal Engine with it.

Based on the third-person shooter of the same name on PC, Mercenary Ops for iOS is all about capturing the dynamic shooting experience that core gamers love but putting it on-rails for casuals to enjoy on their mobile gaming devices.

As stated in the press release…

In Mercenary Ops, you are Leo, the seasoned mercenary hired to face his toughest mission – contain the exploding biological crisis in a small European town before the biological terror spreads to the major cities of Europe! You will face infected adversaries and bosses from out of this world!

If that sounds like fun be sure to pick up a digital copy of Mercenary Ops right now for the iPhone 4, 4S or 5 right now from the app store…for free.