Apple Resumes Selling Belkin’s InvisiGlass Ultra iPhone X Screen Protector After Recall

Late December, consumers began complaining about Belkin’s iPhone X screen protector cracking easily. Apple pulled the product from its online and physical stores, but now it seems as if Apple is selling the product again.

Belkin’s $40 “InvisiGlass Ultra iPhone X tempered glass screen protector would crack easily due to everyday usage of the iPhone. Since the screen protector was so fragile, many customer became dissatisfied with the product.

Belkin became aware of the issue and revised the screen protector to be slightly thicker. Instead of being 0.21mm thick, the screen protector is now 0.29mm thick. Belkin is hoping that the extra thickness will solve the issue.

Here’s what a spokesperson told Mac Rumors

“We have been constantly testing this product since we released the first generation of it timed to iPhone X availability and things have evolved since you and I last spoke…We identified some improvements to be made in the next generation of this product.”

If you’ve purchased the original InvisiGlass Ultra screen protector, Apple and Belkin will provide you with a refund if the screen protector is cracked. The updated version of the screen protector can be purchased on Apple’s official website for $39.95.