Facebook Is Planning To Join In On The Smart Speaker Craze

Talk has it that Facebook has plans on joining the smart speaker club with Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod, and Microsoft Harman/Kardon.

Facebook has announced the company will be joining the smart speaker club soon, the company plans to launch two of its own smart speakers in July of 2018.

Reports state that Facebook has been testing two smart speakers code named Aloha and Fiona, both smart speakers will feature a 15-inch laptop sized touchscreen which will allow the user to communicate with friends and family via video chat. Talk has it that the code-named Aloha will be the one retailing as the Portal, this one will be allowed to have more social media functions than the one code-named Fiona. The Aloha  will also sport a wide-angle camera on top of the unit, which will allow for facial recognition.

The panels will come from LG Display, and both units are said to be assembled by the contract manufacturer Pegatron. Talk also has it that Facebook has signed music licensing deals with Sony and Universal Music for the smart speakers. At this point out of the four major smart speakers, Amazon’s Echo Show is the only one which offers a 7-inch display screen. Facebook was hoping to launch this May, but decided for a later launch date to enhance the acoustics and software on its smart speaker.

Source: Phonearea.com