Apple May Release An Affordable 9.7inch iPad In The 2nd Quarter Of 2018

A recent report states that Apple may release a budget friendly 9.7-inch iPad in the upcoming second quarter. The company plans to reduce the price from $329 to $259.

Back in 2017, reports stated that Apple would start a new strategy by lowering the cost of its 9.7-inch iPad. The company’s marketing strategy is to increase the sales on its declined 9.7-inch iPad sales. Reports state that Apple may release the 2018 version between April and June of 2018, but some believe Apple just might delay until late 2018.

The company is hoping to push the cheaper cost of this tablet toward the more price conscious consumers. For the past three years, the iPad unit sales have declined since the peak era of 2013/2014. Some reports state that Apple may have two tablets, one priced at $329, and the second priced at $259. Other reports state that Apple may have just one tablet and drop the price from $329 to $259. Apple would probably make only minor tweaks on the design and specs to keep the cost budget friendly.

The current 9.7-inch iPad has a Retina display, A9 chip 64 bit, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, 8MP camera and FaceTime HD camera, iOS 11, Wi-Fi and LTE, a screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 and a battery that can last up to 10 hours.

Source: Macworld, 9to5mac