Apple Reportedly Will Launch New AirPod This Year Featuring “Hey Siri”

The latest report regarding Apple’s AirPod states that Apple is planning to upgrade its AirPod sometime this year. The company also plans to make some adjustments with Siri in the new earbuds.

According to a report by Bloomberg Technology, Apple is at work upgrading its AirPods, just how are they planning this upgrade? Well for one, Apple plans to incorporate a voice activation with the famous words “Hey Siri” in the new AirPod this year. As of now, the current AirPods requires a tap on the earbud.

The second upgrade the company is planning to  upgrade the wireless chip, at the present, the AirPod has an Apple designed W1 wireless chip, report states Apple plans to use the W2 chip, which is currently used in the Apple Watch Series 3.

The last report could be a rumor or not, but its reported Apple is also working on making the AirPod water-resistant in the future, but it sounds like it won’t happen this year. It seems the AirPod won’t be design to submerge in water, but it will be able to survive splashes, water, and rain. As the reports, rumors and talk hit the air, stay tuned for more updates on Apple’s new AirPod.