Art.Com Just Got A New Update For Its iOS App

The furniture/decor app,, just got a new update. The app is now designed where you can virtually test out new artwork and furniture pieces in your home, as well as be able to view a lot more gallery designs from different artist. is similar to the popular AR Kit home apps that are out now on the App Store, since it has a very similar setup of virtually shopping. Because all you have to do is just browse through a gallery full of different decorative pieces that you can hang on your wall, and then virtually place it inside a frame in your house, to see if you like the art or not. gives you the ability to choose through frames, mats, canvases, wood mounts, art on metal, hand painted art and even home decor items that you can test out in your home as well. This app even goes as far as letting you choose certain brands and artist too, that range from newer up and coming artist, to famous artist like Monet, Picasso, Warhol, Lichtenstein, Rothko and more.

The newly updated app is currently available at the App Store for any iPhone or iPad that supports an iOS 10.0 or later, for free. So if you would like to download it or just learn more information about it, you can always be sure to check out the above link for additional details.

Source: App Store