The Art That Inspired Apple Is Now On Display In A Spain Museum

Anyone who owns an iPhone X might recognize a new painting display in an art exhibition that just opened in Logroño, La Rioja Spain, that claims to have helped inspire the iPhone X’s display and a few of its other wallpapers.

The art featured in the exhibition was by a Spanish visual artist and designer named Ana Montiel, who created a series of colorful paintings in 2017, which now just went on display two days ago. The paintings are called “Fields” and were originally digital paintings that were transferred to a canvas, that Apple featured this past Fall when they introduced the iPhone X.

And with the introduction of the iPhone X, they took Ana Montiel’s painting as inspiration, and turned them into three new live wallpapers animated by Universal Everything, and even featured a similar design on their retail packaging.

The collaboration was a bit on the down low at first, but Ana Montiel did recently discuss that the Feilds series was part of a project called “Hidden Realities”. She even went on to say that the collection features an array of digital artwork, lightjet prints, acrylic paintings, an audiovisual trance-inducing installation, etc; and even said she had plans to evolve Hidden Realities into a virtual reality experience in the second half of this year.

So if you happen to be interested in Ana Montiel’s Feilds display, you can be sure to visit the display now through May 20th in Sala Amós, Salvador Museum in Logroño La Rioja Spain, or just check out the full gallery of art on Ana Montiel’s website.

Source: 9To5Mac