Musubo iPhone Case Goes Retro

A new case from Musubo for Apple’s iPhone takes a trip back to the 1950s with a modernist Americana theme, featuring a retro microphone look.

The Boston Herald spotted the new case mod for the iPhone. The Musubo Retro Case gives your iPhone an awesome look while also offering two layers of protection.

There’s a soft silicone covering and a polycarbonate casing to ensure that your iPhone stays protected from bumps, brushes, drops and scratches. And to boot, the Musubo Retro Case looks so freaking sexy. The retro look is almost in name only, as the design is exceptionally sleek and modern to be based on old-school microphone designs.

You can grab the Musubo Retro Case right now for only $34.99, which is surprisingly cheap for such a cool looking case.