Facebook Update Adds Photo Sync to iOS 6

A new update for the latest version of Facebook for mobile devices has rolled out and it features a really nifty feature that auto-syncs your photos to an album once you take a photo with the phone.

The update makes it convenient to automatically store photos once they’ve been snapped, removing the need to have to take the photo, manually upload it to your Facebook account and then share it with friends or family.

As reported by PC World, the new update automatically stores every photo to your private photo album, and then you have the choice of making the photo public. This creates a hassle-free way to take and store photos, up to 2GB worth of photos.

In order make use of the new update you’ll need to be running iOS 6 or higher.

  • rehan

    yea it worked for me 2 days ago but i wanna turn it off please help me doing it ?!