Speed Test: iPhone X VS Galaxy S9 Plus

Several videos are popping up comparing Apple’s iPhone X to Samsung’s Galaxy S9 in a speed test. If you’re curious about which device is faster than the other, then read on.

EverythingApplePro was one of the various YouTubers who created a video comparing the iPhone X to the  Galaxy S9 Plus. In the video, he opens several popular apps such as Super Mario Run, Instagram, Snapchat, MineCraft, Google Maps, Spotify, Amazon, and GTA to see which phone can open and load the apps the fastest. During the first round, the iPhone X was faster than the S9 by almost 10 seconds, but somehow the S9 Plus was able to speed through the second round nearly 30 seconds faster than the iPhone X.

Forbes reported that the iPhone X wins on paper compared to the S9 Plus but when conducting speed tests, the S9 Plus is able to surpass the iPhone X. This isn’t to say that the iPhone X is a slow device, in fact, the A11 chipset is incredibly fast and is 45 percent faster than the Snapdragon 845 which is featured inside the S9 Plus. The problem is the iPhone X only has 3G of RAM compared to the Galaxy S9 Plus’ 6GB of Ram which means the S9 Plus can hold more memory and switch between apps faster. Another issue is the bloatware on the iPhone X. Each year, Apple adds more pre-installed apps which slows down the device.

To see the full comparison, make sure you watch the video linked above.