Apple Might Release Two New Versions Of The AirPods This Year

Reports state that Apple might release two new AirPods, one with noise cancellation, and the other one water-resistant. 

The latest report regarding Apple’s AirPod wireless earbuds has it that Apple is currently working on two new versions of the AirPod. It seems the company plans to release one model in 2018, and the second one in 2019.

The first new AirPod model is said to be released with Apple’s fall line in September, the wireless earbuds will have a noise cancellation feature, and a hands-free Siri integration feature as well, which will allow the user to summon the AI just by saying the famous words “Hey Siri.”  Talk also states that Apple will have a new upgraded wireless chip to improve the Bluetooth connectivity.

The second AirPod model is said to be released sometime in 2019, this wireless earbud version will be waterproof. The AirPod is said it will be able to survive splashes of water, as well as rain.

Source: Cnet, Fastcompany