Apple Debuts Its New Page To Help Parents Fight Screen-Time

Back in January, two major Apple investors criticized the tech giant for not adding more advanced parental controls. Apple responded by saying that it has offered parental controls since 2008. However, the tech giant has just created a new page that informs parents when and how their children use an Apple device.

No, Apple didn’t release an update that offers new features and controls for parents to monitor their children device usage, but the company did roll out a new page called “Families” that helps parents understand how to use features that Apple already provides such as how to track their children’s location, limit their purchases, and filter content. In addition, Apple also updated its support page for parental controls.

“The Kids section is carefully curated to be a great space for children. And we review every app to make sure it does what it says it does. In Restrictions, you can also tap an age range and, just like that, your kids can buy or download only apps appropriate for them – including curated recommendations.”

You can check out Apple’s new Families page by heading over to the company’s website.